Understanding of the 80/20 Rule

Hi all! We hope you are well. We are writing to discuss about the 80/20 Rule. The basic idea of the 80/20 rule is very simple. To follow the 80/20 rule, you have to eat real good meals, such as fruits, vegetables, proteins (meat, chicken), seafood (salmon, etc), fat-free dairy, wholemeal bread, pasta or rice. These foods are the 80% of your meal. The 20% rule is that you do exercises (cardio, HIIT, toning, running, strength) about 30-45 minutes per day approximately 3-4 times a week and 1-2 of rest days so, those are the key to weight loss.

However, you can indulge yourself to a treat but you have them in moderation and not too much junk foods.

Real good meals

  • Vegetables: Spinach, kale, tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, salad

  • Fruits: bananas, apples, oranges, lemons, strawberries

  • Protein: Chicken, meat, fish, salmon, lentils, eggs

  • Carbs: Wholemeal (brown) bread, pasta, rice

  • Other foods: Granolas, weetabix, almonds, etc

Stuff to avoid (indulge foods)

  • Junk food: takeaways, donuts, processed foods, ice-creams, etc

  • alcohol

  • soft drinks

If you are planning to stick to the 80/20 rule, follow the examples above and keep at it. We know you can do it! Good luck!

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