The Difference Between Vegetarian, Vegan and Pescatarian

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Hi all!

We are going to write the differences between these type of dietary requirements and what they are mean in this blog. Many people have chosen to be vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan for their own reasons. There are different types of vegetarians so here are the facts and differences. We are going to explain what they are mean and help you understand the differences below:

Vegetarian (vegetarianism): Vegetarians do not eat meat products such as meat, chicken, pork, lamb and abstaining from meat. A vegetarian diet is derived from plants, with or without eggs and dairy.

Ovo-Vegetarian: Ovo-vegetarians only eat eggs but abstaining from meat and dairy products.

Lacto-Vegetarian: Lacto-vegetarians do only eat dairy (yoghurt, cows milk, etc) but abstaining from all eggs and meat.

Pescatarian (or Pesce-Vegetarian): Pescatarians do eat seafood but abstaining from all meat. However, pescatarians can eat eggs and dairy or no dairy/eggs at all.

Flexitarian (Semi-Vegetarian): It is a term used to describe those who eat a mostly vegetarian diet but occasionally eat meat.

Vegan: Vegan diet abstains from all animal and meat products. It also includes dairy free and lacto-free diet and gluten free as well.

It takes committment to be any types of diet of your choice. And these kind of vegetarian diet can be beneficial for weight loss.

Would you become a vegetarian, vegan or a pescatarian? It's up to you.

We hope this helps.

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