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(Please note that all indoor classes are suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. This is still important to read these terms and conditions for future reference)


These terms and conditions apply to the use of the NKH Fitness website. By understanding the rules with us you agree to accept the following terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions listed below then you should not use this website for any purpose. Please read carefully of the Terms and Conditions below: -



Bank Transfer: We now accept bank transfer and Stripe for online sessions. We will send you the invoices after online sessions. You must pay on time within 7 days if you are going to participate (from 30th March 2020). The transaction will appear on your bank statement as NKH FITNESS.

Gymcatch: Our new booking system is available to book your sessions. You need to add your card details to book through Stripe. You must pay in advance. Link: https://app.gymcatch.com/providers/1330/events


In-Person: (All indoor classes are suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic so we cannot accept cash and card).



We have a strict cancellation policy. If you cancel your booking more than 24 hours before the start of the session you will be refunded. If you cancel within 24 hours or in the last minute, you won't be refunded. Any queries about refunds should go directly to NKH Fitness. We do not offer refunds on sessions under any circumstances. We understand that things happen in life that can change your plans, but please ensure you let us know when you cannot participate online (or classes). We do NOT accept cancellations over the phone and email, as these may not be picked up on time.



We are currently offering classes so; please purchase a pair of Clubbercise glow sticks when you turn up to class. You will not be permitted to take part in the class without using a pair of Clubbercise glow sticks unless you want to try it out without one for the first time.


The Clubbercise class contains flashing lights so it is not for anyone with light photosensitive and epilepsy. It is advised that we cannot accept anyone with these conditions otherwise their take part at their own risk.


We also teach Burn & Bass and HIIT so please sure you bring a bottle of water, a towel and suitable clothing to workout on which are essential.



Health Questionnaire/Waivers

We advise all participants to read and sign the PAR-Q forms; waivers (Health Questionnaire) before their first class. Please note that any positive PAR-Qs questions we will discuss the issue with you and you will need to confirm you are okay to take part. If you answer more than three ‘yes’ on your health questionnaire form, it is advised you must consult your doctor before you are permitted to start the class.


Dress Code

We advise you to wear sportswear, comfy clothes and trainers. Members are expected to wear appropriate clothing for working out in classes, especially the correct footwear (trainers or sports shoes). The NKH Fitness has a right to ask participants wearing inappropriate clothing or footwear to leave the class.




Please check out website first where you will find the answer to most enquires. If you cannot find the answer there, please contact Natasha or Karen via phone or email. Please note that we cannot accept cancellations, bookings over the phone, as we may not be picked up due to teaching class or personal issues. Otherwise, you may risk us not receiving cancellation on time.


Please contact us between Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm in regards of difficulty of using Gymcatch or other enquiries. Also if you are going to attend a session or not, please let us know by a certain time before the start of the class as it saves our time to run a class smoothly.


Other Terms and Conditions


  • All class participants must be 18 or over. An adult, parent or a carer must supervise anyone under 18.


  • You must include a current and valid email address on your account via Gymcatch. Please let us know if your email or home address changes and if your family/surname changes through marriages.


  • NKH Fitness reserves the right to store your details on Gymcatch and excel database. If you do not wish payment to be taken for unpaid bookings/checkout, then please cancel your space rather than leaving it as ‘checkout’ as it is against our booking policy to have unpaid/uncompleted checkout on Gymcatch.


  • Opening hours, days, access, timetable and schedules are subject to change.


  • We reserve the right to refuse your payment or ban if you breach our terms and conditions.


  • If you make a payment using someone else’s bank account or debit credit card, please make sure that you have their permission to do so.


  • We may refuse anyone who turns up 15-20 minutes late or more during a class (please refer to the lateness and punctuality section)


  • Payments cannot be transferred to another person.


  • We will not compensate you for loss, damage or personal injury.




We will not tolerate anyone who breaches our Terms and Conditions. If there is:


  • Physical or verbal abuse of NKH Fitness staff or participants

  • Any breach of code of conduct for NKH Fitness, this will result in suspension and termination of visiting the class.

  • Any damages to the venue, repair costs and legal fees will be charged to the offending participant. A break of the terms and conditions, we may give you a formal warning.


We reserve the right to suspend you if at any time if:


  • You repeatedly break the rules, terms and conditions of use.

  • You or your guests use abusive language, bullying or violent behaviour. Or if your behaviour puts the class participants or us at risk of harm or may affect their interests in any way.


Lateness and Punctuality

NKH Fitness reserves the right to refuse entry to any participants who turn up late or miss a warm-up. This is very important that you arrive on time at least 15 minutes early before starting the session. Please respect the other participants and not disrupt the class. Participants must stay for the duration of the class until the class finishes after the cool-down. If a participant is unwell or needs to leave early, they must speak to Karen, manager of NKH Fitness who will advise on further steps and record a participant leaving the class early.


Equality and Diversity

NKH Fitness reserves the right to treat people fairly regardless of race, gender, religion, disability, beliefs and sexual orientation.

View and download the Terms and Conditions from our website


Email: nkhfitness@outlook.com

Phone: 07494 612 843

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