Natasha's Story

Hi everyone! I've never thought of sharing my story transformation so here goes:

The photo on the left back in 2005 where I went to New York USA on a vacation during my secondary school break. I used to be very shy, insecure, and lack of confidence in myself. I got picked on a lot because of my weight and my social anxiety (quietness) at school so it was so hard and traumatising. I fought through, I struggled and ignored the bullies. I ate so much junk food and drank so many soft drinks as I could remember to make me feel better (which i was in pain inside).

I had a street dance background back then so I got into street dance as a kid to gain my confidence, took part in dance performances and also carried on keeping myself in shape to try various of DVD workouts.

I got into dance fitness since I discovered Clubbercise brand and to be honest, the dance fitness is like so's in the dark, glow sticks, lights and awesome club music from the 90s which I really enjoyed and got me buzzing.

I met Shelly Palmer who used to present Clubbercise at Pineapple Dance Studios London and she taught me to become a group exercise instructor. I trained at HFE and achieved Level 2 Exercise To Music certificate. I also met some amazing master trainers, instructors in the fitness industry. That really changed my life!

Fast forward (the photo taken in Bournemouth last month) Now I am more of a different person today than I was before --- managing my own business, teaching classes which I love doing as a job, eating healthy, training for 5k, reaching my goals and taking care of myself. And now I'm taking classes such as presenting Clubbercise, Beatz Fitness and Legs Bums & Tums.

My mother and grandmother helped me get through it because the strong women raised me.

REMEMBER: Don't be afraid to tell your story, it will inspire others.


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