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NKH Fitness HIIT is a 45-minute high intensity interval training session to improve your cardio-vascular, muscular strength and endurance. Low/high impact options included and suitable for all level. No equipment needed. This session will be taught at the park only unless the weather is fair, fine, sunny or cloudy. 



Weekly session

Days: Every Saturday morning

Time: 10:00am - 10:45am (45 minutes)

Location: Finsbury Park, N4 1EE

Still unsure about attending outdoor HIIT face-to-face classes?

Join us online at http://www.nkhfitness.co.uk/on-demand

Click on the button below to book in advance.

Social Distancing Guidelines | Instructions

  • Stay 2 metres away from each other during the session

  • Please bring your face masks, hand sanitisers and safety gloves to protect yourselves

  • If you feel ill, please stay at home and isolate yourselves within 7-14 days

  • Please take water with you to stay hydrated

  • Make sure you book in advance online before you attend to the session at the park.

  • Make sure to complete the health questionnaire (waiver) on Gymcatch.

  • Cash and card not accepted!

  • Please take care when you arrive and returning home after session!


Email: nkhfitness@outlook.com

Phone: 07494 612 843

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