NKH Fitness HIIT is a new 45-minute high intensity interval training session to improve your cardio-vascular, muscular strength and endurance. This session will be taught at the park (outdoor) every year in July and August.


What will you expect during HIIT:
The HIIT contains 6 exercises in 4 rounds and  then a relaxing cool down. Your instructor will have a timer, show you demonstration of each exercises, checking your form and tell you to move on to the next exercise.

Cardio Warm-up = 5-6 minutes

Round 1 = 50 seconds

Round 2 = 50 seconds

Round 3 = 50 seconds


Round 4 = 50 seconds

Active recovery = 15 seconds

We will move on to a relaxing/stretching cool down




This outdoor class is suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak. Please view our home workouts and live stream workout sessions here: https://www.nkhfitness.co.uk/home-workouts


Email: nkhfitness@outlook.com

Phone: 07966 733 779


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