Health Benefits Of Listening To Music

Wellness Wednesday: Health Benefits of Listening To Music🎶

What would it be like without music? Can you live without music? Without music, it would have been a mistake, right?🎧

Music is life so, here are some health benefits why you should listen to music every day.

1. Music increases happiness: it depends on what type of music you prefer, it puts your smile on your face🎶

2. Music improves performance in jogging or running🏃‍♂️

3. Music decreases stress: it can calm you down even during stressful times and painful events💆‍♀️

4. Music improves sleep: if you play calm and chilled music for about an hour, it will help you fall asleep😴🛌

5. Music reduces depression and anxiety: listening to low or uplifting or instrumentals can reduce anxiety🎶

6. Music lifts your mood😃😁

7. Music strengthens memory: whether you study or doing chores, it is good for concentration, motivation and focus💡🗨

8. Music boosts your energy whilst exercising: who doesn't exercise without music? It can increase your energy during training or other exercises such as HIIT, cardio and dance🏃‍♂️💃🏾🕺🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♂️


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