Natasha's Healthy Meals

Hi all! It has been a while since I have updated on Christmas Day 2018.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas last year.

It is February so I am going to share my balanced meals every week. The type of meals I'm currently eating are pescatarian and mediterranean foods. Technically I am a pescatarian that means I eat seafood and consume eggs, fruits, vegetables and whole grain rice/pasta. I do not eat meat at all (in fact I used to eat meat until I was 19 years old and became a vegetarian).

Each grid below you see contains breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.

Breakfast: (Top left) Overnight Oats with lactose free yoghurt and mixed berries in a jar.

Lunch: (Top right) Four oat biscuits with soft cheese and smoked salmon on the top.

Dinner: (Bottom left) Stir fry prawns with sprouts, basmati rice and spinach.

Snack: (Bottom right) Homemade smoothie with mixed frozen berries, unsweetened almond milk and lactose free yoghurt

And I also drink lots of water and herbal teas :)

Thank you for reading and I will update my next healthy blog food next week!

Have a good day!


NKH Fitness x


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