Reverse Lunges

The lunge is a brilliant exercise. You work a whole host of lower-body muscles to improve sporting performances, High Intensity Interval Training and strengthening lower body exercsises such as glutes, thighs and calve muscles.

Additionally, reverse lunges are a great option for beginners because the backward motion is easier to control.

You might assume that a reverse lunge is exactly the same as a forward lunge done backwards...reverse lunge is stepping backwards while the forward lunge is stepping forward.

Play the video below on see what the reverse lunge looks like.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1) Start with a standing position while your core is engaged.

2) Take a big step backwards with your left foot.

3) Bend your front right knee until it's at 90 degree angle and lower your left knee until it is also at 90 degree angle.

4) Then push back up and return to the starting position.

5) Do the same by taking a big step backwards with your right foot, etc

Tip: Use the dumbbells to add extra weight to challenge yourself.

Do these up to 15 reps and repeat! When you first start doing reverse lunges, you can use your own body weight to get results. Practice makes progression.

Have a nice day!

NKH Fitness Team


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