Virtual Terms and Conditions

These rules apply to the use of the NKH Fitness online session access during the Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) pandemic. By understanding the rules with us you agree to accept the following rules of use. If you do not agree to the rules listed below then you should not use the online sessions for any purpose. Please read carefully of the rules below for your consideration:


Two Ways To Pay:

Bank Transfer: We now accept bank transfer for online sessions through online banking, Stripe or Paypal.

We may send you the invoices after online sessions by email. You must pay on time within 7 days if you are going to access (from 30th March 2020). For the NKH Fitness On-demand, you must pay before viewing our video content. The transaction will appear on your bank statement as NKH FITNESS.


​Gymcatch: Our booking system is available to book any sessions. You need to add your card details to book through Stripe. You must pay in advance if you are going to access on Zoom. Also you must complete the health questionnaire and waivers before booking online. Please note that cash/card via Sum Up is not accepted. Link


Zoom Video Software

We are currently offering weekly live sessions for you to do at home through our Zoom video software. Please note that you must have your Zoom account to do live sessions. ID link and password are required to access live sessions. We won't stream full online sessions on our Facebook, Instagram and website unless there are only promo/trailer videos. You will need to install and download from your Google Play, website to your computer, desktop laptop, tablet and your phone. Please read our instructions on how to use it here

On-Demand Access

The home workout sessions will be recorded before uploading on to the home workout page on our website. This is for paying-members only. You will need to sign up to access the home workout page, book & pay. If you have any issues of sign up, please contact us at Sign up for our On-Demand workouts here:


Cancellations | Refunds

We cannot accept refunds if you cancel in the last minute (and through Gymcatch) or within 24 hours. We understand that things happen in life that can change your plans, but please ensure you let us know when you are unable to access online before you book by text, emails or WhatsApp.

Health Questionnaire/Waivers

We advise all participants to read and sign the waivers/health questionnaire online via Adobe Reader (PDF) or on Gymcatch before you start the online class. Please note that any positive PAR-Qs questions we will discuss the issue with you and you will need to confirm you are okay to start. When you complete the form, please send the completed health questionnaire form to If you answer more than three ‘yes’ on your health questionnaire form, it is advised that you must consult your doctor before you are permitted to start the online class.

Dress Code

We advise you to wear sportswear, comfy clothes, trainers and indoor trainers especially the correct footwear (trainers or sports shoes).


Spacious Environment

Please make sure that your living room is spacious before you access with us online. Please move any furniture that is in the way and where you can exercise.


Exercise mat is essential for HIIT workout or Legs Bums & Tums. equipment such as weights, dumbbells  are optional. You will need glow sticks if you want to do Clubbercise session. Otherwise, you can join without one.



Warm up is essential to warming up your joints, muscles and preparation before the workout. You can do your own warm-up stretches before starting online sessions if you wish. We will add our warm up and cool down as well.


ZOOM - Live Stream

Live classes will be streamed on Zoom to a limited audience. You must read the following requirements carefully. Our live sessions information will be posted on our private Facebook NKH Fitness Community group

  • Live sessions cannot be streamed live publicly on social media sites on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Live sessions cannot be recorded and shared afterwards publicly on social media.

  • Please do not use the phone during the live session

  • Please be mindful of others.

  • You must wear your supportive indoor trainers to prevent foot injury.

  • Please mute yourself before starting a session.

  • If you feel self-conscious, please press 'stop video' so that we can see your name or your picture.



Children are allowed to participate online however; parents/carers must keep an eye on them. Our DBS is checked on our business records. Children are allowed to join if they wish from parent’s permission.



We will not tolerate anyone who breaches our rules. If there is:


1) Verbal abuse towards NKH Fitness instructor and participants

2) Any breach of code of conduct for NKH Fitness, this will result in suspension of participating online sessions.

3) Any unwanted disruptions or inappropriate behaviour we may put you on mute or give you a formal warning.

4) A refusal of following the rules, we will suspend you from our online/live session activity and NKH Fitness brand.


We reserve the right to suspend you if at any time if:

1) You repeatedly break the rules, terms and conditions of use.

2) You use abusive language, bullying or violent behaviour.

3) If your behaviour puts the online session participants or us at risk of harm, may affect their interests in any way.



This is very important that you turn up and access on time so you won't miss out. Please respect the other participants and us. Participants must stay for the duration of the session until the session finishes after the cool-down. If a participant is unwell or needs to leave online session early, then let us know and exit the live session.


Please be respectful towards us and other participants in our positive online environment to keep our sessions going smoothly and professionally. Fail to apply these conditions will result suspension and termination of one’s details on our database.

View and download the Virtual Online Terms and Conditions from our website



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