World Mental Health Day

Hi all!

It was a World Mental Health Day yesterday. We shared our message about how mental health is very important and recognise the conditions.

Here is what we had to say about mental health.

🍁Mental Health Awareness Day🍁

"You all have seen our smiles, our laughs, putting on our brave faces and being positive. In fact, we have our own struggles, imperfections and sadness on the inside. We all have our daily life struggles - ups and downs, but it is important to note that mental health is so important.

It is the same as physical health and should be treated the same. We all have our individual issues and need to recognise them, and get help or look at strategies to help them.

Remember it is okay to feel not okay as we do still have our own struggles in our personal lives.

If you need help, please reach out to someone you trust."

Natasha & Karen💗


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