Self Care: Quick Stretches for Flexibility

We are going to share the quick stretches during Christmas to increase your flexibility. Today, here are some stretches for you to do in your own home in the morning or evening.

Essentials: Exercise mats & a timer⏱ Purpose: Hold on to each stretches for 30 seconds

• Neck Stretches x 30 seconds • Shoulder stretch x 30 seconds • Toe Touch Stretch x 30 seconds • Wide Toe Touch Stretch x 30 seconds • Inner Thigh Stretch x 30 seconds • Quad Stretch x 30 hold on each leg • Cobra Stretch x 30 seconds • Child's Pose x 30 seconds • Glute Stretch x 30 seconds • Seated Hamstring & Oblique Stretch x 30 seconds - hold on each side

Repeat these three times or you can do as many times as you like to increase your flexibility!💯 Let us know when you have completed these stretches😃 See you next time!👋🏽 #nkhfitness #selfcare #stretches #calm #cooldown #christmas #flexibility


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