Lockdown Update: Dance Studios and Community Centres

Hi all! Just giving you an update about easing the lockdown during the pandemic.

According to our UK government, I cannot use the dance studios and the community centres from 4th July 2020. Looking back at these previous indoor photos of the classes, I admit that I really miss you all face-to-face and you've had been amazing clients. And this is a lot different now...teaching online pre-record sessions and running weekly live sessions. As a fitness instructor, my priority is to keep you safe and running a online business as usual.

I really love what I do so, I am thankful that anyone who have been very supportive and have my back. I will have to continue online teaching for a time being. I will keep you all posted on what's coming next!

Thank you for understanding and patience.

Stay safe!


NKH Fitness :)


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